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A Free Masterclass demonstrating fat loss success stories of women


Join us to find out why macro tracking is the most sustainable & flexible method to achieving your fat loss goals without giving up foods you enjoy


THIS is what Macros in Action is all about...amazing women who have created their own success stories!

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DATE: Tuesday, August 31st
TIME:  6:30pm MST 

Hi, I'm Meryl and I can't wait to show you why macro tracking is your fat loss solution for the long term!

I'm going to introduce you to amazing women who have stopped spinning their wheels with various diets that had them eating in a restrictive and deprived way.

INSTEAD they DITCHED the yo-yo pattern of jumping from diet to diet only to lose and gain the same 10, 15, 20+ pounds

and made the switch to Macro Tracking allowing them the freedom to eat in a way that fit their lifestyle AND include the foods they enjoy without guilt AND achieve their fat loss goals!

What you will walk away from with at the end of this Masterclass


Macros are, what Macro tracking is, and what sustainable results you can achieve by creating a customized macro plan for your own fat loss goals


Macro tracking takes you out of the mindset of good or bad foods and is your best and most flexible method to achieving your fat loss goals without giving up the foods you love 


Macro tracking empowers you to create a customized plan to fit your goals and your lifestyle all while enjoying the process and letting go of the old dieting guilt & restriction


See amazing results and hear the experiences from real women...just like you! These are women who have tried multiple diets, who have spent $$$$ only to be left feeling frustrated & hopeless.

These are women who now feel empowered, confident in their skin, enjoy active social lives without food guilt, and have created a sustainable, effective, and enjoyable process to achieving their fat loss goals

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I want to join the Masterclass and see Macros in Action,
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