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Why I LIKE the Bathroom Scale

You know what never gets any love? Your bathroom scale! I see a lot of posts, blogs, and comments on social media about how ‘bad’ the scale is. How you should NEVER step on the scale…in fact it would be better if you just threw the damn thing out!

My question is why? By labeling something as ‘bad’ we give up our own power and let go of what is in our control. It’s the same as labeling certain foods as good or bad. We hear all the time - bread is bad, potatoes are bad, a cookie is bad...but celery is good, kale is good, chickpeas are good. So what happens when you are told over and over and over that bread is bad? Don’t you eat that bread! You’ll get fat eating that piece of bread! That slice of bread is going to mess up your metabolism!

What happens when this is the message you constantly hear? Well inevitably you are going to eat a damn piece of bread, and then…guilt sets in. You beat yourself up for giving in to something ‘bad.’ You think you’ve undone any progress…perhaps you then say screw it I may as well eat 4 more slices! You start to go through some internal emotional turmoil…over a damn piece of bread. WHY???

Why would you give power to an inanimate object? Don't you step on that evil scale! Why the hell not? Why would you attach emotion to numbers…to data? It’s silly right?