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DIET...A nasty 4-letter word?

DIET – how does that word make you feel?

I have seen DIET become a nasty 4-letter word. In fact, a new term has emerged more recently ‘anti-diet’…but what if we take the emotion out of the word & look at the original definition.

Diet = The foods & beverages a person eats and drinks.

Not so bad? BUT we started using ‘diet’ as a verb instead of a noun. “I’m going on a diet.” “I need to diet before my wedding.” “Karen is always on a diet.” Now the meaning of diet has changed from foods you are using to nourish TO limiting or restricting the foods in order to lose weight. Now there is nothing wrong with anyone who wants to make body changes BUT for many people the underlying current of the use of diet as a verb is negative. Oh, you want to go on a ‘diet?’ That must mean something is wrong with you, you lack self-worth, you hate your body, or you have an unhealthy relationship with food.

THIS is why we need to detach from the emotion of the word. Listen with compassion not judgment.

If we tie diet with the definition of Nutrition = the science of nutrients in foods & their actions within the body, then our goal would be to eat in a way that positively influences our health. That doesn’t necessarily mean the end goal is weight loss. We want a healthy heart, strong bones, supple skin, balanced muscles. So we choose foods we enjoy, that are part of our culture, perhaps convenient, & possibly out of habit (I have the same breakfast most days of the week) among other factors.

There are always going to be unhealthy & unsustainable ways to ‘diet’ & I certainly don’t promote these methods BUT there is no room in my business to shame or blame anyone for wanting to make a change.

Diet is a 4 letter word. D-I-E-T. That’s it. That’s all. Simply a word.

Please share or let me know if this resonates with you!

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