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I had a great discussion with my LBD group this month about over-exercising.

Often times if we have a body composition goal, in addition to keeping our nutrition in check, we assume more exercise is better. More means we will reach our goals faster.


We need to keep in mind that exercising in any form is a stressor on our bodies. That means that our body undergoes physiological changes in order to adapt to the stressor. Typically exercise is a good stressor that our body adapts to and creates the changes we are looking for (strength, performance, body composition…).


If our training load is too much; if we increase our training frequency too fast; if we don’t allow our body adequate rest and recovery our body stops being able to keep up with the stress demand. Physiologically our body stops being able to adapt to the stress. This leads to exercise being a negative stressor that can lead to negative impacts such as:

  • decrease performance or strength

  • increased fatigue

  • increased muscle soreness due to prolonged inflammation

  • sleep disturbances

  • mood swings

  • potential weight gain (through water retention and preservation of adipo