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SHAKE IT UP Challenge

In my years of teaching in the personal training field and working with clients I have talked to many women who don't make fitness a priority because they simply don't know where to start & what to do OR they are bored with their workout routine, begin to lose interest, and have no idea how to change up their workouts to breathe new life into their routine. These are the exact reasons I felt the need to create my 5- day free SHAKE IT UP Challenge! ​ The SHAKE IT UP Challenge is the solution to your fear of the unknown or boredom because it is designed to take you through a variety of training styles that will teach you not only how to perform execises correctly, but also how to move beyond your typical sets & reps training style. Many women who are new to strength and resistance training stick to the same routine they found in a magazine or were given with their introductory session to the gym. You are told this is all you need to reach your goals, but we know this doesn’t work right? It doesn’t work because you haven’t progressed and you haven’t learned the POWER to take those workouts and SHAKE IT UP! This challenge will give you the power to SHAKE up your own workouts by applying a variety of training styles to your workouts. We go beyond your typical 3 sets of 10 repetitions and create variety, intensity, and efficiency in your workouts with timed sets, countdown circuits, endurance sets…and more!

What can you expect at the end of the 5-day Shake it up challenge?​

  • You will have learned 5 new training styles to spice up your own workout

  • You will have more confidence in building your own workouts

  • You will learn training styles that add intensity and efficiency to your workouts

  • You will learn workouts for upper body, lower body, core, and full body that can be completed in under 30 minute

  • You will gain new motivation & excitement you can apply in your own training

Here's what you will get when you join the Shake it up challenge:

  • A FREE 5-day workout program delivered via your own private online training portal

  • 5 strength workouts split into upper body, lower body, core, and full body days

  • All workouts can be completed at home or in the gym

  • Video tutorials with written instructions for all exercises (program can be viewed online via app, website, or printed out).

  • Access to the POP Fitness app (Android & Apple) where you can view your program, track & record sets, reps, weights, and other results; and receive in-app messages from me.

Sign up here for the SHAKE IT UP challenge!

Your workout program will set to begin 2 days after you sign up!

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