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Booty Burnout - 3 Exercises to fire up your glutes!

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Who doesn't want to feel a great glute burn? The trick is finding the right exercises to create that feeling of wanting to throw your jeans on and strut your stuff!

Now there are loads of strength training exercises that we can do to grow the glutes (squats, hip thrusts, lunges, feet elevated leg press, etc.), but I am talking about quick & efficient exercises that you can do anywhere with the only piece of equipment being a resistance band.

I am usually all about efficiency with my workouts and I also enjoy being flexible with my workouts. This might mean that after a particular strength training day I want to do a quick 'finisher' type of movement or exercise, or a quick and intense series of exercises that I can do as a stand-alone workout. Putting these 3 exercises together did exactly what I wanted to accomplish - a great booty burn!

The best thing about these 3 exercises is that you don't need a gym, any weights, and you can do it anywhere. All you need is a mini-loop resistance band. My favourite is the Bret Contreras Hip Thruster Loop, but there are some great options on Amazon as well. Throw the band in your suitcase and do this series in your hotel room or air bnb. Throw the band in your purse/briefcase and get a quick session in on your coffee or lunch break.

The 3 movements are:

1. Prisoner get up - perform for 1-3 minutes

2. Banded Glute Bridge - 60 seconds immediately followed by...

3. Banded Hip Abduction - 30-60 seconds

Beginners do 1 round and complete the lower end of the time limits.

Moderate to Advanced - repeat exercises for 2-4 rounds, or set your timer for 5-10 minutes and GO!

Let me know how you do! If you are looking for a more comprehensive glute building program, try out my Booty POP program!

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