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Jet Set July - your travel workout itinerary

It's summer vacation time - where are you jet setting to? Whether you are heading to the woods, the lake, the beach, the mountains, or the prairies I have your vacation workouts covered!

Jet Set July is your travel workout itinerary. No matter where you are going all you need to pack is a mini-band. No gym required, no fancy equipment needed. Just you, your motivation, your mini-band, and the great outdoors!

My Jet Set July workouts are going to help you work up a sweat by using Timed Sets. This means you will complete 1 set of each exercise for the prescribed 'on' time and rest for the 'off' time. You will then then move to the next exercise and repeat. If you would prefer you can complete all timed sets for one exercise before moving on to the next. You're on vacation remember - no rules!!

You will have three days worth of workouts and each workout has 5 exercises to complete. Each week the timed sets will get harder (increased 'on' times), thus each week your workouts will be a bit longer. Don't worry you will still have loads of time for vacation fun as the workouts tap out at 30 minutes for your final week! All of the exercises can be found on the POP Fitness YouTube channel

Get your friends and family to join you as you Jet Set into July! Tag me on Facebook or Instagram as you work your way through the month of July!

Click on the image to download a printable PDF version :).

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