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Busting the Most Common Strength Training Myths!

Jane’s family has a family reunion BBQ every summer where the burgers, coleslaw, and beer flow freely. There are fun games of horseshoes, volleyball, and potato sack races where the winners have bragging rights for the year. Last year the family added a push-up challenge that everyone had to enter. Jane rides 5 days a week, takes a yoga class twice a week, and a spin class once a week, so she is confident she has the strength to master the push-up challenge.

The rules are laid out and bragging rights are on the line…3, 2, 1, GO! Jane lowers herself into the bottom of the push-up and as she tries to push herself up her arms start to shake, her back starts to sag, but she manages to eke out one push-up. With trembling arms she struggles to keep her back straight as she starts to lower herself down again, but before she knows it her arms give out and she falls flat on her tummy. Her big brother chuckles and starts to give her a hard time, telling her she should take up weight lifting. No way says Jane! I don’t want to turn into the hulk!

Uh oh, here