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Creating a Budget-Friendly Home Gym

I stopped by a local fitness equipment store the other day to purchase some new resistance bands and upon wandering around I started to dream about the perfect home gym. Unfortunately, my dream vision of the perfect home gym requires more space then my home has and a bigger bank account! Alas, I got my head out of the clouds and started to look at how to create a home gym with basic budget-friendly essentials. I complete my workouts at a commercial gym which is convenient for me and my lifestyle, however there are days when it would be more convenient to do my workout at home.

Convenience is only one benefit to having a home gym, other benefits include saving time and money. Time is a precious commodity for everyone. Being able to take 30 seconds to walk into your home gym and begin your workout, as opposed to driving to and from and dealing with parking, can save a significant amount of time in your day. As for saving money, there will be an initial investment in purchasing equipment, but once you are set up you will be saving money on gym memberships, parking, childcare, and gas. Time & money - two of the biggest excuses people use for not exercising frequently can be solved with a home gym!

Before I get into my recommended equipment essentials, it would be a good idea to take a look at the space that you are thinking of transforming into your own home gym. How much room do you have? This could be a corner of a room, an office or spare room that you want to convert into a home g