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$29.99 CAD / month

Welcome to Non-Stop POP!  This is your monthly membership subscription to POP Fitness.  Each month you will have exclusive access to a new training program.  The monthly training programs will consist of 3 strength workouts per week, 1 bonus workout, and a cardiovascular workout.

The monthly training programs will help you build muscle, strength, flexibility, and decrease overall body fat.  Each month I will introduce a new training focus.  This may relate to a specific training goal, group of muscles, use of a particular piece of equipment, and more.  Each month will motivate and challenge you to achieve your best results, and will have you looking forward to the next month.

You can join at any time!  Your membership will renew every 30 days.

What is included:

  • A completely online and detailed monthly fitness program delivered via your own private online training portal.

  • 3 strength workouts per week - with gym & home options. 

  • 1 bonus workout 1 cardiovascular workout.

  • 2 optional full body workouts to get started on if you are just getting back into fitness or can be used as bonus workouts.

  • Video tutorials with written instructions for all exercises (program can be viewed online via app, website, or printed out).

  • Access to the POP Fitness app (Android & Apple) where you can view your program, track & record sets, reps, weights, and other results. 

What you will need:

  • Access to basic fitness equipment (dumbells, kettlebell, resistance bands/tubing, swiss ball, foam roller, step/bench, TRX) and/or commercial gym equipment - there will be a gym and home workout option

Who is this program for?

  • Those who do not require one-on-one in-person instruction, but are looking for a 'virtual' personal trainer to provide ongoing effective, challenging, and fun workouts. 

  • Although the program can be modified from beginner to advanced, it is recommended that you have some experience with basic strength training.

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