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Are you Macro Curious?

MacroNutrition Masterclass

Tuesday, January 26th

7:00pm MST

In this FREE master class, I will be discussing what macros are, how we use them for weight loss and body composition change, what tracking and 'flexible' dieting mean, the typical mistakes we make when dieting, AND why you can't be on a diet forever!
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What macronutrients are. 
The basics of weight loss, fat loss, & body composition change. 
What 'tracking macros' means & why it is successful.
The typical mistakes we make when dieting for fat loss.
Progression toward tracking macros.
The phases of dieting & why we can't be on a diet forever.
Registration is now closed
  • What exactly macros are and why they matter?
  • If you can still achieve your fat loss goals and enjoy your bread & wine?
  • How to achieve more food freedom & less guilt?
  • Why you should prioritize protein?
  • How to best support your metabolism for the long term?
  • What mistakes you have been making in the pursuit of your fat loss goals
Registration is now closed
Registration closes on Tuesday, January 26th at 12:00pm MST

My name is

Meryl Wheeler...


I am a certified athletic therapist and certified nutrition consultant with a Master's degree in Education (adult, community, and higher education), and a Bachelor degree in Kinesiology.

I have worked with women over the past 11 years helping them reach their fitness & nutrition goals through challenging and effective programs like the Little Black Dress.

Fitness has always played a large role in my life.  Starting with an amazing 15 years in competitive equestrian sport.  I then realized the importance of nutrition when I dabbled in half-marathons, Ironman triathlons, fitness/figure competitions, and now simply a love of staying fit, strong, and healthy in my late 40's!

As I get older I tend to put more value on my time and choose to work out in smarter, more efficient ways to continue to achieve the results I want.  I've tried many restrictive diets over the years, and as a certified nutrition consultant I have learned restriction is NEVER the answer to moderation, balance & sustainability.  If you know me you know I'm not willing to give up my weekend ritual of Baileys & coffee!  I choose to eat in a flexible way that is enjoyable! 


I pass along these balanced philosophies to my clients.  I want my clients to fall in love with fitness & the changes strength training has on their mind & body, and I want them to eat in ways that nourish without deprivation & guilt.  The absolute best feeling is when my clients reach their own power, opportunity, and potential through engaging consistently in efficient, empowering, and effective fitness & nutrition programs!

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