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Signature February 8 - April 4

Platinum February 8 - May 2

Jumpstart your results with effective strength training and flexible nutrition that's sustainable and enjoyable.​








Does this sound like you?

  • You feel disconnected from your health.

  • You're not sure how to stay consistent and accountable to yourself.

  • You're unsure how to start and progress with strength training.

  • You fear regretting that you didn't start focusing on your health & fitness sooner.

  • You feel that you don't have time to be healthy.

  • You struggle with eating in a way that will help you reach your goals without buying into the latest hype or fad diet.

  • You don't know how to be flexible and mindful with eating without fear of gaining weight.

  • You want to begin to implement consistent healthy habits like proper sleep, stress management, hydration, mindfulness, and flexibility into your life

  • You want to walk past the mirror and not beat yourself up emotionally

  • You want to drink your wine, have your Baileys and coffee, AND feel confident AF in your LBD!


In over ten years of coaching women facing struggles just like yours, I felt compelled to create my signature program– the Little Black Dress to help women, just like you, not only jumpstart their fitness with effective & time-saving strength training programs, but to also learn to eat in a flexible, moderate, and mindful way.  This means eating foods you enjoy AND progressing toward your weight loss goals.  Along the way the LBD encourages lifelong, sustainable healthy habits and guidelines to enable women like you to gain momentum to reach your own power, opportunity, and potential in your fitness journey.

Unfortunately, many of us believe that in order to ‘get fit’ & lose body fat we need to spend hours doing cardio. We believe lifting weights is intimidating, takes too much time, and will make us look bulky. We don’t realize how efficient strength training workouts can be, how they increase our heart rate without hours of cardio, and how strength workouts will TRANSFORM our bodies & make us feel invigorated, energized, and powerful!

When it comes to nutrition we often fall into bad yo-yo dieting habits, falling for the next fad diet that tells us to cut out the ‘bad’ foods to lose weight.  These habits that are supposed to make us feel good and get us ‘fit’ backfire.  We end up frustrated and guilty for giving up and vow to start again on Monday.  This was me! What I realized years ago is I CAN be flexible, restriction AND guilt-free with what I eat.  I jumped for joy when I could step away from the plain chicken & asparagus and enjoy my Bailey’s & coffee AND change my body at the same time!

Other group coaching programs will supply you with a restrictive one size fits all meal plan that doesn’t allow for your real-life situations –  date nights, BBQ’s, or birthday parties. Many of my clients come to me stuck in diet jail from these rigid meal plans or fad diets. The fitness plans are long and complicated without any supporting exercise videos. The typical group coaching programs have very limited access to the coach and do-it-yourself formats take away the community, connection, and accountability with others which leads to high drop-out rates with many of us on the hunt for other plans to help us reach our goals.

We know group fitness coaching doesn’t have to work that way.

I’m super excited to announce the LBD 2.0 is back!

Join the LBD and let’s gain momentum in your fitness & nutrition journey!

Shannon, Alberta

Fantastic program. I just completed my third LBD. Excellent workouts, nutrition program and support through emails and online communities. Love the app and variety in the workouts. I especially enjoyed the weekly challenges you had us do throughout and the different areas of our health you had us focus on. Thanks Meryl!

Lynda, Ontario

I was nervous to make the investment since I have started and stopped many different programs over the years, but the community Meryl creates and her ability to show how much she cares about her clients was worth every penny. The value of this program overall ended up being priceless for me. I loved every aspect from the variety of the workouts, to the focus on other healthy habits I've ignored to feeling 'heard' at every check-in. Best of all I started & didn't stop!

Victoria, Ontario

I was amazed to start noticing definition in my arms and legs after the first two months. I feel stronger, and overall healthier. Most importantly, weight training doesn't intimidate me anymore. 

Welcome to the NEW Little Black Dress program 2.0!  

A comprehensive program with two distinct options designed to motivate, empower, and educate you on the principles of fitness & healthy living habits.

Your 8 or 12 week program takes you through progressive, structured phases to help you build muscle, strength, flexibility, and decrease overall body fat.  Each phase will build & progress on the base created within your first 4 weeks.  This progression in exercises & intensity is key to challenge you and breakthrough any plateaus to ensure you achieve your best results. In addition, depending on the option you choose, you will learn the concepts of mindful & moderate eating, building a healthy plate, and/or flexible macronutrition to achieve long-term & sustainable fat loss.

I am excited to offer two options to help you maximize your success with the LBD. 


The LBD Signature is my updated signature program that has created many, many success stories over the past 10 years. The Signature is 8 weeks in length and is for women looking for fun, effective, and efficient strength workouts and weekly healthy habits. This 8 week option is perfect for those not quite ready to dive into macro tracking, but want to learn the basic concepts of eating mindfully & in moderation, and how to build a healthy plate. All while connecting with other women in a supportive group.

The LBD Platinum is as close to one-on-one coaching you can get in a group coaching setting. The Platinum is 12 weeks in length and is for those that are ready to make a fat loss transformation through customized macro-nutrition coaching. The platinum absolutely levels up the personalization with custom monthly programming, a custom macro profile & adjustments, education on carb cycling & reverse dieting, a biweekly group coaching call, and a 4-week post-program fitness plan. If you are ready to get serious and take control of your nutrition and transformation, and set yourself up for long-term fat loss success, the platinum level is for you.

Not sure which option is best for you?  Take a look through all the details below and choose which one best aligns with the goals you want to achieve.  Still unsure? Feel free to send me an email and we can chat about it!

LBD Signature is perfect for me!

Click below to head to your payment options

LBD Platinum is exactly what I want!

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Sign up

What you will need:

  • Access to basic fitness equipment (dumbells, kettlebell, resistance bands/tubing, swiss ball, foam roller, step/bench, TRX) and/or commercial gym equipment - there will be a gym and home workout option

  • iPhone/android device, laptop/desktop computer

  • Nutrition tracking app (ie: My Fitness Pal) (*LBD Platinum only)

  • Food scale, measuring cups, water bottle

  • Commitment & a strong desire to change your current health & fitness mindset, and the willingness to make yourself a priority

What you will learn:

  • Healthy habits to promote overall health & wellness

  • Efficient, effective, progressive, and challenging strength training workouts to promote fat loss

  • Confidence, balance, and moderation in both your fitness & nutrition habits 

  • Proper form and technique for each exercise

  • Various flexibility & mobility exercises

  • The importance of nutrition combined with strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, and a positive & learning mindset have for your long-term success

  • The concepts of flexible nutrition through mindful & moderate eating and building a balanced plate

  • Macronutrition and how to track macros to support your fat loss goals (*LBD Platinum only) 

  • ·Mindset barriers and how to overcome your limiting beliefs

  • The joy of getting back to your connection with your health.


This program is for you if you...

  • Are 100% serious about committing and investing in yourself and are ready to take responsibility for your actions, attitudes, and results.

  • Need the direction and consistency of a well-rounded fitness program but also want the freedom to choose your own goals.

  • Want to build your fitness & strength and see results without spending hours fitness training.

  • Want to lose weight and not feel like you are on a restrictive diet.

  • Have some experience with basic strength training and are excited to learn more complex movements.

  • Do not require one-on-one, in-person instruction, and thrive in an online training and virtual coaching community.

  • Want to learn to believe in yourself and your goals.

  • Want a supportive community to help you co-regulate.

  • Enjoy being a part of a like-minded, supportive community and want constructive 1:1 accountability and feedback.

This program is NOT for you if you...

  • Are looking for another quick fix or fad.

  • Are too focused on short-term rewards.

  • Aren't ready to commit & invest in yourself.

  • Are wanting a rigid meal plan.

  • Don't like connecting & supporting others in a virtual group setting.

  • Want one-on-one coaching & programming.

  • Are already thinking of excuses of why this isn't the best time to start a program

Are you ready to INVEST in yourself?
The LBD starts on February 8th!
Are you in?


Calgary, AB

I love this program and the coaching to help me stay on track


Cochrane, AB

I can't say enough about POP Fitness! I loved the Little Black Dress program. Before I signed up for this program, I had not done any formal fitness training (ie. gym, classes, etc) for over 2 years. The longer I stayed away from the gym, the more self-conscious I became about beginning again. Meryl's Little Black dress program was the perfect point of entry back into fitness and strength training in particular. I did all of the workouts from home with easy portable home gym equipment (no machines needed). Every workout was manageable, and challenging without being daunting. The ramp up in intensity over the three months of the program was attainable, and I felt I could keep up.


Victoria, BC

The LBD is all encompassing- Meryl pays attention to all aspects of health and wellness, not just inches/pounds lost.


Calgary, AB

This program gave me the tools I needed to get and maintain the lifestyle I've always wanted. Having someone to be accountable to and having support throughout the program was key to my success. I loved the app and having the work outs on my phone, I also liked having the ability to record weights used and check off the workouts when I was done.


Calgary, AB

The LBD program was an incredible experience! I appreciated the variety in exercises, support with nutrition, and mini challenges that encouraged new healthy habits. I am keen to check out the Non-Stop Pop program and continue to work towards my health and fitness goals.


Calgary, AB

I really enjoyed the program and it was a great start to my journey. Thank you for all your hard work & support.


High River, AB

Thank you Meryl!! I can’t say enough good things about the last 12 weeks and thank you so much for having me in the LBD!! 


Calgary, AB

I completed the program previously and enjoyed it then, but the changes Meryl made to the program improved it - not having a 'cheat day', but being knowledgeable about the macronutrients made the meal planning much easier and sustainable.  The workouts were challenging and fun and the app tracking was easy to use.  Being able to see my strength progress throughout the weeks was motivational.  The 12 weeks went much too quickly and I am already looking forward to the monthly membership option.



This is my first program I have ever signed up for. I love how you were truthful! I really felt like I could ( and do) trust you!


London, ON

I have followed Meryl on social media for a couple of years and have always been intrigued about the LBD program but it was just never the right time. I finally got sick of my excuses (hopefully people can relate to that) and joined. It was the best health investment I have made in myself. I learned so much, the monthly coaching calls were so informative. I have maintained my success but am joining again because I loved the accountability & community of women.


Calgary, AB

Thank You for your Pop Fitness program. I enjoyed the challenge and variety. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of nutrition and fitness. 


Regina, SK

Was a really great program. Your engagement and knowledge made this a fantastic experience!

My name is

Meryl Wheeler...

Primary Logo Transparent Background-08.p

I am a certified athletic therapist with a Masters's degree in Education (specifically in adult, community, and higher education), a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology, and a Certified Nutrition Consultant.

I have worked with women over the past 10 years helping them reach their fitness & nutrition goals through challenging and effective programs like the Little Black Dress.

Fitness has always played a large role in my life.  Starting with an amazing 15 years in competitive equestrian sport.  I then dabbled in half-marathons, Ironman triathlons, fitness/figure competitions, and now simply a love of staying fit, strong, and healthy as I enter my late 40's!

As I get older I tend to put more value on my time and choose to work out in smarter, more efficient ways to continue to achieve the results I want.  I've tried many restrictive diets over the years, and as a certified nutrition consultant I have learned restriction is NEVER the answer to moderation, balance & sustainability.  If you know me you know I'm not willing to give up my weekend ritual of Baileys & coffee!  I choose to eat in a flexible way that is enjoyable! 


I pass along these balanced philosophies to my clients.  I want my clients to fall in love with fitness & the changes strength training has on their mind & body, and I want them to eat in ways that nourish without deprivation & guilt.  The absolute best feeling is when my clients reach their own power, opportunity, and potential through engaging consistently in efficient, empowering, and effective fitness & nutrition programs!

Let the Little Black Dress be the stepping stone to you reaching your own POP!

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