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In this FREE masterclass recording, I discuss what macros are, how we use them for weight loss and body composition change, what tracking and 'flexible' dieting mean, the typical mistakes we make when dieting, AND why you can't be on a diet forever!

Flexible Macronutrient Nutrition 101

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If you are looking to lose weight there are hundreds of different nutritional methods to follow. Deciding on which nutritional method is right for you means doing your research on what you think will fit into your lifestyle, what you enjoy, and what you feel would be sustainable for YOU long term.

My recommended nutritional method is what is known as flexible nutrition, flexible eating, or If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM)…because life is meant to be flexible not restricted. My clients and I are able to achieve long-term sustainable weight/fat loss success using this method!

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Vacation Workouts

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