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Are you ready to tighten your Core & More?
January 20 - January 27
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It’s BACK! We've had over 400 sign-up to the past Tight Core & More challenges and it is back to help you jump back into January!

I talk to women every day who tell me they want to start focusing on their health and fitness. 


  • You need a jumpstart to get back into your workout routine.

  • You need to breathe some life back into your home workouts.

  • You want to start a strength training program that focuses on your ‘trouble’ the bra-fat area, bum, tum, and backs of arms while working on joint stiffness & flexibility.

  • You want results without spending hours working out.

  • You want a fun fitness experience with a variety of exercises.

  • You want to learn the basics of fat loss through macronutrition & why flexible dieting is so successful.

  • You want to take ACTION and see what you're capable of when you put your mind to it.

  • You want accountability to ensure you just do the damn thing!

If this sounds like you, then my FREE Tight Core & More 8-day consistency challenge with my bonus Macronutrition Masterclass is for you!

Jump into January feeling stronger, tighter, more committed and confident.

Tight Core & More is a FREE 8-day consistency challenge designed to hold YOU accountable to do the damn thing!  What is the damn thing?  I want you to complete 6 effective & efficient workouts in 8 days. Totally do-able & completely effective!

These workouts are:

EFFICIENT - less than 30 minutes. 

EFFECTIVE – targeting the trouble areas you want to tighten & tone. 

CHALLENGING – workouts that maximize calorie burning & minimize boredom!

Of course we know that it's not all about the fitness aspect, right? The majority of any transformation you make will be a result of your nutritional habits. On day 7 of your 8-day consistency challenge there will be a live Macronutrition Masterclass where I will break down the basics of macro tracking for fat loss and the importance of dieting phases.

8-day Consistency Challenge
January 20 - 27 

Are you ready to tighten & tone your core & more & learn about flexible dieting?  Are you looking to get consistent with your fitness?  Let’s do this…we start January 20th.  Reserve your spot today by clicking the link below!

Registration Closed

At the end of the 8-days you will...

  • Have 6 new engaging and metabolism-boosting workouts in your back pocket

  • Experience improved confidence performing exercises that effectively target your core, glutes, and MORE

  • Know a series of new training styles that add intensity and efficiency to your workouts to help maximize results and minimize boredom

  • Feel a sense of accomplishment because you kept yourself accountable to consistently completing 6 fun workouts in 8 days.

  • Learn about the principles of fat loss, macronutrition, and why you can't be on a diet forever.

  • Have increased motivation and excitement so you feel empowered to continue to do the damn thing!

Cara, Ottawa

What a great challenge. I really enjoyed pushing myself and I completed all the workouts!

Lucia, Oregon

I loved the creativity of these workouts. They were the perfect length to hold my attention and I found myself really looking forward to the next workout

Susana, Victoria

Thanks for doing this challenge. It was perfect especially to make me not slack off over the long weekend!

What do you get when you join the FREE Tight Core & More 8-day consistency challenge?

  • A FREE workout program delivered via your own private online training portal

  • 5 strength workouts with 2 core/abdominal days, 1 glute-focused lower body days, 1 upper-body focused days, 1 full-body workouts, PLUS 1 flexibility & mobility session (see the schedule below).

  • Each workout will be a new challenging & effective training style

  • All workouts can be completed at home or in the gym

  • Video tutorials with written instructions for all exercises (the program can be viewed online via app, website, or printed out)

  • Exclusive access to the bonus Macronutrition Masterclass

  • Access to the FREE POP Fitness app (Android & Apple) where you can view your program, track & record sets, reps, weights, and other results; and receive in-app messages from me

  • Accountability!  I will be checking in with you every day to ensure you have completed your workout and answer any questions you may have

  • Prizes, prizes, and more PRIZES!

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What you will need:

  • Access to basic fitness equipment (dumbbells, kettlebell, resistance bands/tubing, swiss/stability ball, step/bench).

  • Access to a computer or mobile device

  • Motivation & a positive attitude!

8-day Consistency Challenge
January 20 - January 27

Are you ready to tighten & tone your core & more?  Are you looking to get consistent with your fitness?  Let’s do this…we start January 20th.  Space is limited...Reserve your spot today by clicking the link below!


Registration Closed


Upper body focused workout


Core focused workout


Rest day + focus

on healthy habits


Lower body focused workout


Flexibility & Mobility focused workout


Core focused workout


Macronutrition Masterclass

7:00pm MST


Full body workout

My name is

Meryl Wheeler...


I am a certified athletic therapist and certified nutrition consultant with a Master's degree in Education (specifically in adult, community, and higher education), and a Bachelor degree in Kinesiology.

I have worked with women over the past 11 years helping them reach their fitness & nutrition goals through challenging and effective programs like the Little Black Dress.

Fitness has always played a large role in my life.  Starting with an amazing 15 years in competitive equestrian sport.  I then dabbled in half-marathons, Ironman triathlons, fitness/figure competitions, and now simply a love of staying fit, strong, and healthy as I enter my late 40's!

As I get older I tend to put more value on my time and choose to work out in smarter, more efficient ways to continue to achieve the results I want.  I pass along this philosophy to my clients.  I want my clients to fall in love with fitness & the changes strength training has on their mind & body.  The absolute best feeling is when my clients reach their own power, opportunity, and potential through engaging consistently in empowering, efficient, and effective programs!

I'll be with you every step of the way in this Tight Core & More consistency challenge.  Let's do this so you can reach your own POP!

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