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The ultimate program for taking control of your nutrition and reaching your fat loss goals.
September 25th - November 19th

Have you tried diet after diet only to be left feeling frustrated, restricted, and further away from your goals?

Have you spent hundreds of dollars on diets or programs that worked temporarily but never left you with a strategy for keeping the weight off?

Are you always trying to lose the same 10, 20, 25+ pounds?

Do you feel you are always starting over on a Monday? 

Have you said no to social events because you were nervous to eat 'off-plan?'

Have you felt guilty and believed that you just don't have enough willpower to stick to a diet?


BUT what if I told you there is a way to get the results you want while feeling guilt-free, enjoying the process, eating foods you enjoy, and NOT worrying about starting over every Monday?

Flexible Fat Loss Formula is a step-by-step program designed to empower women over 40 to take control of their nutrition and achieve their weight loss goals in a sustainable and enjoyable way.

You will shift from feeling frustrated, restricted, and stuck in a cycle of yo-yo dieting to feeling empowered, confident, and in control of your food choices.

The FFLF will set you up for the results you want without sacrificing your favorite foods, your lifestyle, or your social life.

Come join other women just like you who have discovered their age is NOT a barrier and they don't need to be miserable while trying to reach their goals.

You will learn why macro tracking is your most flexible, effective, enjoyable, and sustainable method to achieving your fat loss goals without giving up the foods or lifestyle you enjoy!

At the end of the 8-week program, I guarantee you will feel confident and stress-free in any eating situation, have a clear plan for your nutrition phases, and will be excited about eating the foods you enjoy while still achieving your fat loss goals.

You will be equipped with a sustainable approach to nutrition you can maintain for the long term.

What would it feel like to...

  • Be your own nutrition coach?

  • Be in control of creating a custom plan that fits into your lifestyle?

  • Have the knowledge & confidence to set yourself up for long-term fat loss success? 

  • Break free of old dieting guilt & shame?

  • See more than just the scale results?

  • Feel confident and stress-free in any social situation?

  • Enjoy ALL foods - to strip the label off of good vs bad?

  • Take ACTION and create the flexible mindset needed to ditch all the dieting myths that are holding you back?

  • Move forward in your fat loss journey with an effective and sustainable plan?



It's all possible with my Flexible Fat Loss Formula!

I'll show you how to be your OWN macro nutrition coach!

Meet Cheryl

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The FFLF is a great common sense program that teaches you about the very basics of eating and nutrition, things you don’t hear about these days! 


Once you meet Meryl and go through her program, you won’t look back!

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Here's why I'm passionate about the Flexible Fat Loss Formula!

I created the program after witnessing the struggles of countless women over the age of 40 who, like me, were tired of the cycle of dieting frustration. I've seen the disappointment and hopelessness that comes from trying one diet after another, only to see temporary results that quickly fade away.

But there's more to the story. Society has perpetuated the myth that once you're over 40, achieving your weight loss goals becomes an uphill battle. The blame is often placed on perimenopause and hormonal changes. We are led to believe there's a hidden timer that starts ticking, that makes our efforts are futile.

We've all been there – starting a new diet that tells us to give up the foods we love. And for what? We've been conditioned to believe that dieting and weight loss require severe restriction and sacrifice. We're made to feel guilty for indulging in our favorite sweet treats, savory snacks, and comforting meals. It's like our favorite foods are the sacrificial lambs of our weight loss journey.

But let's be real – who wants to be miserable, constantly battling cravings, and feeling deprived?

We've all had those moments when we say, "Enough is enough!" We dive into a plate of comfort food, only to feel guilty and start over again on Monday. The vicious cycle continues, and before we know it, we're stuck in a loop of gaining and losing the same 15, 20, 25+ pounds over and over again. It's exhausting, and it feels like our metabolism is playing tricks on us.

But guess what? I refuse to ride that diet roller coaster again, and I'm guessing you do too.

You deserve better than that constant struggle and disappointment. You deserve a sustainable approach to weight loss that doesn't involve giving up the foods you love or feeling guilty for enjoying life.

So, am I right? Are you ready to break free from this cycle and the age-related myths that have held you back?

Let's ditch the old dieting myths and embrace a flexible, science based, empowering approach that works for you – not against you.

Join me on this journey, and let's transform the way you approach weight loss. It's time for you to reclaim your power and achieve lasting success.

Are you in?

LADIES, it's time for us to move past the old dieting myths we once believed in. You know the ones right?

Eat only low fat

Cut out carbs

No sugar

Eat only 'clean'

Don't eat after 7pm

Fast until noon

Go keto

Don't eat fruit (especially bananas!)

Your hormones are to blame

Your age is to blame

Do a juice cleanse once a month




OR what about being told you need more willpower, you need more motivation?

The problem? It was never about our willpower or motivation.

These diets created the environment to set women like us up to fail!

There was too much restriction

Too many rules

Too little flexibility

Too few calories


...and ZERO strategy, exit plan, or support after the diet!


I've been this women!


AND I've worked with these women for over 12 years and have found the solution to sustainable, effective, and enjoyable fat loss IS through flexible macro tracking and having a sustainable nutrition strategy.

Macro tracking provides you the tools & strategy to just eat the damn food!

Over the past decade I have moved from restrictive eating, restrictive meal plans, and yo-yo diet weight gain to pursuing a more evidence-based, science structured approach through certifying as a nutrition consultant and a Macro Nutrition Coach.



Here's how it works:

Inside this 8-week group coaching program you will find:


4 content training modules including video training and PDF guides (more details below)

Access to your own online portal (desktop & mobile app)

Food diary; My Fitness Pal, Fitbit, and Apple watch integration

Progress tracking sheets

Weekly live group coaching calls to supplement the training modules & provide support during your 8 week journey

Private FB page where you will be able to support and learn from other members

Laptop and Notebook

When you join the Flexible Fat Loss Formula you will be provided the tools and step by step process to create a macro plan customized to YOU, your lifestyle, your preferences, and your schedule so you can control and achieve your own long-term results.


More importantly, the tools within the Flexible Fat Loss Formula will teach you how to MAINTAIN those results so you can finally get off the dieting roller coaster & never have to start again on a Monday!

No matter where you are in your journey or when you want to start, the FFLF is strategically designed to grow with you and take you through ALL the phases of dieting (including your post-diet plan!).

  • Goal setting & mindset shifts

  • Macro theory

  • Flexible dieting

  • Where to start

  • Calorie & Macro calculations

  • How to start tracking & tracking tips

  • Tracking progress & Data collection

  • Hierarchy of nutrition

  • Meal planning, preparation, & macro tracking mistakes

  • Managing mess-ups

  • Calorie & macro adjustments

  • How to track alcohol

  • Interpreting progress & non-scale victories

  • Calorie & Carb cycling

  • Eating out and traveling

  • Fat loss plateaus

  • Mindful eating & moderation

  • The role of exercise when dieting

  • How to build your own workouts

  • Nutrition phases and how to map out your post-fat loss phase

  • Diet breaks: when & how

  • Reverse dieting: when & how

  • Living at maintenance

  • Long-term success strategies





  • No more believing there are good vs bad foods

  • No more stress when eating out or traveling

  • No more fear of carbs

  • No more believing you have to be perfect with your eating to lose weight

  • No more using certain foods as a 'reward' or 'cheat' 

  • No more cooking separate meals for you & your family

  • No more weekend binging because you've created the flexibility to not be so rigid during the week

  • No more following a specific rigid meal plan with foods you don't enjoy

  • No more skipping meals to decrease your calories

  • No more struggling with what to do after the diet

  • No more feeling like you always have to be on a diet

  • No more quick fixes, gimmicks, or fads because you know fast fat loss is not the answer to your long-term success

  • No more slow metabolism!

  • No more diets....period!

Anne Marie, 61

I love the fact that you are really accessible with so much information. It is very scary to trust something new that basically goes AGAINST everything that I’ve been taught all of my life, This group program was in my budget and I decided to take the plunge! I'm happy knowing that I’m truly doing something that is GOOD for me physically as well as mentally.

Hailey, 44

I wanted to get the nutrition knowledge for long term health and I thought the program was well put together and very easy to follow. I enjoyed knowing that my progress was not limited to a specific time frame. Even when I was not consistent I knew that I had the knowledge to continue past the program

Kari, 46

I had worked with a nutrition coach last year and although I did see some changes the part that was lacking was the how and why of doing things a certain why.  I didn't have an exit strategy.  For me having the knowledge of why I should do something a certain way and how to do it is important.

Julie, 63

I've had success losing weight in the past, but over time, I gain it back and more. I'm looking for a permanent lifestyle change that will eliminate the need to diet!  So far, the program is working and I can eat the foods I love without guilt. I have really appreciated the encouragement and advice received from Meryl and others in the group. Just a big thank you and I look forward to continuing the journey!

Meet Lianne


I really enjoyed the weekly coaching calls. Hearing how everyone was doing and . motivating each-other was inspiring.


I know if I’m improving myself I can support the people around me a lot better.



$499.00 CDN
OR 2 payments of $250.00

OK...but Meryl that investment is a little scary for me.

I get it, I know you are wondering IF this is the program that will help you with your long-term fat loss goals. A program that won't let you down like the other diets did.

What I can tell you is the FLEXIBLE FAT LOSS FORMULA is what I teach in my $1400 private 1:1 coaching, but because I believe SO damn much in macro tracking I created this group program to be as accessible as possible to as many women as possible!


perhaps you still have a bit of doubt. Hesitation. Risk. I get it. Like…

"This sounds too good to be true! How am I supposed to know this is really what I need and will work?”

Well… that’s simple. Try it.

So let me make this decision even easier for you....because I KNOW without a doubt you will benefit from this program. 

guarantee (1).png

Test-Drive The Program for 10 Days

When you enroll, you’ll have 10 days to get started with the first few weeks of content & coaching, and if for whatever reason… and I mean ANY reason… you don’t feel like this was a good investment into learning a more effective & flexible way to lose AND maintain fat loss, simply email customer service at and we’ll gladly refund your entire investment… no questions asked! 

Meet Kerri


I am MUCH happier with how I'm eating following this than anything I've done in the last 10 years.

Now that i understand the concept more, looking back at the last 6 months, I'm glad I made the choice I did to track macros and make the life change that none of the other diets have allowed me.

I'm eating more and happier with how I look and feel.


Macros  in Action

Copy of Kerri start to now (1).png
Front Compare Final.png

Meet Courtenay


These few months have made such an impact in my life

Obviously, the physical changes are great, but they also help the mental shift. I feel confident, strong, and really in control of my life. The physical transformation has been amazing, but getting back to me has been more amazing!

It is unbelievably refreshing and joyous to hear people tell me I've inspired them. I don't feel what I'm doing is difficult, I'm just caring for and loving myself, but it is oddly impacting others, which is amazing.

progress 2.jpg

Karen, 64

The well laid out program, coaching through an online portal including visuals and videos, and the weekly virtual coaching meetings gave me confidence that I could do this.  Meryl is an outstanding coach - realistic and encouraging in her approach.  Thank you Meryl for getting me on this path to success - which is inevitable with your support.

Sheila, 54

I was looking for a long-term solution to weight management and was interested in macros but found it too overwhelming to learn on my own. This program seemed like a perfect fit, both information wise and financially. The material was thorough, yet presented in a way that was not too hard to understand and the videos helped the learning process. The group coaching calls allowed for questions to be answered as well as learning from and being motivated by others. Meryl's ability to relate to everyone, regardless of their current state of health and fitness, made me feel comfortable going on this journey.

Beth, 52

Thank you for this amazing program!  I learned so much and have seen a significant improvement in my life!

I already told my sister in law about your program!  It’s life changing!

Rebecca, 43

I have found a newfound appreciation for food and not allowing it to control me. I have been battling food addiction and issues surrounding my food for most of my life. I was talking to my therapist around the middle of the program and she noticed that even the way I was talking about food and the program was so different than she had seen with me previously. That’s when I knew I was on the right program and way of life! Thanks Meryl!

  • I signed up, now what?
    You will get email confirmation within 24 hours with your login details for your online portal. As we get closer to the official program start date, Monday, September 25th, you will receive more information, a welcome module, and recommendations on what to get started on. You will also receive an invite to our private FB community. If for whatever reason you do not receive a confirmation email from me within 24 hours please send an email to
  • Do you guarantee results with this program?
    That really depends on what results you are looking for and the effort you are willing to put in. Macro tracking involves a mindset shift away from previously held dieting myths as well as a commitment to learning and, most importantly, implementing! It is a skill & a tool, and with any new skill there is a learning curve involved. If your goal is fat loss, YES, I guarantee you will get some early results IF you implement the knowledge you are learning consistently. However, fat loss is a result of many factors including: consistency, dieting history, effort, appropriate goals and calorie deficit, etc. Remember the goal is long-term sustainable fat loss, which for most women requires multiple fat loss phases strategically implemented over time. IF you are looking to lose X amount of weight in 8 weeks then this is NOT the program for you.
  • I have never tracked macros before, can I still do this program?"
    YES! I am providing all the tools you will need to learn how to track macros for whatever your goals are. You are going to become your own macro coach! You will need to be willing to play an active role in this learning process utilizing all the resources, training, and coaching available to you within the program.
  • When are the coaching calls?
    The coaching calls will be every Wednesday evening for 8 weeks at 6:00pm MST via Zoom. The schedule and links will be made available in your online portal. All of the calls will be recorded and uploaded to the portal if you are unable to attend live. I highly recommend you bring your questions to these calls so you have a chance to get some personalized coaching on the calls!
  • What is the difference between this program and your 1:1 coaching program?
    There are 2 major differences between my 1:1 coaching program and the Flexible Fat Loss Formula. Those are: 1. Accountability – with my 1:1 we have weekly email check-ins and biweekly coaching calls with supporting data (measurements, biofeedback, pictures) and unlimited daily support VS no check-ins, once a week group coaching and FB group community support, and no 1:1 daily access. 2. Cost – my 1:1 coaching is approximately 4 times the cost of the Flexible Fat Loss Formula. This makes FFLF much more accessible for women who aren’t ready to dive into 1:1 but want to learn about macros and implement the knowledge to get started on their lifestyle of sustainable fat loss! Other differences include the amount of customization & access to a fitness component. The FFLF is essentially a DIY program where you learn to become your own macro coach but have group support with the weekly calls & private FB community. There is no fitness/strength program as part of the FFLF, whereas my 1:1 clients have access to my monthly workout program.
  • What do I need for this program? (equipment, etc)?"
    You will need internet access as all the learning modules & information will be housed within an online portal. You have the option of accesing the portal through a desktop/laptop or app on your phone. As we get into tracking macros I do suggest downloading a tracking app such as MyFitnessPal, My Macros+, or Macros First and purchasing a digital scale (less than $25). Other than that I ask you to come with an open mind and an eagerness & willingness to learn!
  • What if I don't like the program OR don't have the time to commit to the program?
    First of all, this is a program that will grow with you no matter what phase you are currently in or when you are ready to start. You can begin learning now and start to implement when you are ready. Next, I do encourage you to keep an open mind, but if you decide that this program was not an ideal investment for you I do have a 10 day money back guarantee (outlined a few sections above). After 10 days there will be no refund. Remember, there is NEVER a good time to start a program. You need to decide when you are going to make yourself a priority. However, if you start the program and after the 10 day refund period you find that you don't have time to commit, you will have lifetime access to all of the learning modules & coaching calls. When you are ready to make yourself a priority you can come back to it and go through it at your own pace.


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