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Designed to increase your flexibility, mobility, reduce muscle tension, and strengthen your core! 

We are used to buying a lot of different fitness training programs. We see a vast amount of fitness challenges, nutrition programs, fat loss programs, body transformation challenges, strength training programs, and more.  BUT we rarely see a program that focuses on the most important facet of fitness - taking care of the mobility of your body!

In light of the challenging times we have all faced throughout the COVID 19 crisis, I felt compelled to create a new program.  These times created a huge change in our daily routines. For many of us our activity levels changed significantly.  We were either sitting or sedentary for much longer periods of time than we are used to OR we started to become more active than we were used to. We had the time to start a new fitness program, a running program, or a cycling program.


We started getting tighter, tenser, stiffer.  Our posture is starting to change. Our shoulders have become more rounded, we hold more tension in our neck, our back has started to ache, and our hips and knees feel stiff. We are starting to feel those niggling aches, pains, and discomfort more and more. 


What I have seen is a HUGE need to take care of the mobility of our bodies. 

Maintaining or increasing the flexibility & mobility of our body is the key to being able to continue to do the activities we love to do (play with the kids, garden, run, hike, weight train, zumba, cycle, or even just your general household chores).


Core Strength & Body Length is a 21-day program designed to ensure those little aches, pains, & muscle stiffness that you’ve been ignoring don’t turn into more serious injuries. The program will increase your flexibility & mobility while still building a strong core to keep you mobile, stress-free, strong, and capable! 

This program is not a yoga program nor is it a pilates program. Core Strength & Body Length encompasses a variety of flexibility & stretching techniques as well as core exercises to work on the mobility & strength needs of the areas most affected by tension & stiffness.

No more ignoring your flexibility & mobility needs.  It is time to start caring about this ignored facet of fitness & health

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Welcome to Core Strength & Body Length

Designed to increase your flexibility, mobility, reduce muscle tension, and strengthen your core! 

This 21-day program takes you through progressive & structured phases to help you increase your joint mobility, muscle flexibility, and build core strength. 

What is included:

  • A completely online and detailed 21-day program delivered via your own private online training portal

  • 5 flexibility & mobility sessions per week 

  • 2 core strength sessions per week

  • Video tutorials with written instructions for all exercises (program can be viewed online via app, website, or printed out)

  • Coaching videos to help with the variety of flexibility techniques that will be used in your sessions 

  • Access to the POP Fitness app (Android & Apple) where you can view your program, track & record your sets, reps, and progress. 


What you will need:

  • Access to a comfortable space where you can move freely

  • Yoga mat or comfortable flooring

  • A towel, belt, or strap

  • Access to a dumbell & a resistance band

  • iPhone/android device, laptop/desktop computer

  • Commitment & an open relaxed mind 

What you will learn:

  • A variety of flexibility & stretching exercises for the whole body

  • A variety of flexibility & stretching techniques (dynamic, progressive, static, PNF)

  • Effective and challenging core strengthening exercises 

  • Proper form and technique for each exercise

  • The importance of relaxation, breathing, and recovery


Who is this program for?

  • Anyone who has spent time focusing on cardio, weights, and fat loss but has ignored spending time on flexibility & recovery.

  • Anyone who spends many hours sitting or sedentary

  • Anyone who has started a new fitness program / activity or who are now exercising more frequently

  • Anyone who is feeling more stressed or anxious 

  • Anyone who has been noticing more muscle tension, tightness, and stiffness

  • Anyone who is experiencing more general aches & pains for no apparent reason

  • Anyone who is consistently sore after their workouts or activities

  • Anyone who does not require one-on-one in-person instruction and are open to online training & virtual coaching

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Are you ready to prioritize the mobility of your body?
Are you in?

My name is

Meryl Wheeler...

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I am a certified athletic therapist with a Master's degree in Education (specifically in adult, community, and higher education), a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology, and a Certified Nutrition Consultant.

I have worked with women over the past 10 years helping them reach their fitness & nutrition goals through challenging and effective programs like the Little Black Dress.

Fitness has always played a large role in my life.  Starting with an amazing 15 years in competitive equestrian sport.  I then dabbled in half-marathons, Ironman triathlons, fitness/figure competitions, and now simply a love of staying fit, strong, mobile, and healthy as I enter my late 40's!

As I get older I tend to put more value on my time and choose to work out in smarter, more efficient ways to continue to achieve the results I want. I have also learned to listen to my body and prioritize recovery.  Being smarter about my workouts doesn't mean they are less challenging but in order to give my best effort and progress, I need to ensure my body has the mobility & flexibility needed to withstand workout stress.

Rest, relaxation, and recovery is now just as important to my fitness & health regime as my strength workouts and nutrition habits.  Unfortunately, even though I taught a flexibility & relaxation course for several years it took my own growing aches & pains to make me shift my focus to my body's mobility needs.


I want my clients to learn to include all facets of fitness into their wellness regime but to know when to prioritize the facet of fitness - flexibility & mobility that is the pillar for all the others! 

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