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This 8-week macro-nutrition group coaching program will teach you exactly how to achieve your fat loss goals WITHOUT giving up the foods you enjoy.

That's right...that means no longer cutting out carbs, no longer feeling stressed about eating 'off-plan' at social events, and no longer feeling like you're always trying to lose the same 10, 20, 30+ pounds.

The Flexible Fat Loss Formula will guide you through a tactical and educational process of how to calculate, track, and adjust your macros. You will also learn how to carb cycle, diet break, reverse diet, and more!

So no matter where you are in your journey or when you want to start, the FFLF is strategically designed to grow with you and take you through ALL the phases of dieting (including your post-diet plan!).


You will leave the Flexible Fat Loss Formula with a customized and strategic nutrition plan that takes your preferences, schedule, and lifestyle into account. This means you WILL set yourself up for long-term sustainable success without the typical dieting guilt, frustration, OR restriction.

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1:1 Macro Nutrition Coaching

My 1:1 coaching is a 4 month Macro Nutrition focused program that is 100% custom based on your goals. This high touch program include:



  • Initial 30-45 minute zoom call to review custom macronutrients and expectations for first 1-2 weeks.

  • Customized macronutrient & calorie ranges (with adjustments over the 4 months as needed), as well as 'post-diet' diet break or reverse dieting planning & education for the longer term

  • Biweekly 30 min check-in via Zoom

  • Weekly email check-in forms & biweekly progress photos & measurements

  • Weekly feedback on your MyFitnessPal or MyMacros+ tracking app.

  • Guidance on fitness & activity management (you will have access to my monthly strength workout programs).

  • Unlimited email / messenger support

  • Your own online portal and App where your documents, check-ins, etc will be housed

  • 4 Macro-education modules (Macronutrition 101, food lists, Recipes, eating out, travel guides, and much more).

If you are serious and ready to go through the macro-nutrition process with a coach who will challenge, support, and value you, then the first step is to fill out the application form below to determine if we would be a good fit as client/coach!

Your consultation call is FREE.  Apply below.

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This is a 21-day program designed to focus on the facet of fitness that tends to be overlooked - Flexibility & Mobility!  This program ensures those little aches, pains, & muscle stiffness that you’ve been ignoring don’t turn into more serious injuries. You will increase your flexibility & mobility while building a strong core to keep you mobile, stress-free, strong, and capable!

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