1:1 Macro Nutrition Coaching

My 1:1 coaching is a 4 month Macro Nutrition focused program that is custom based on your goals. The program details include:

- Initial 30-45 minute zoom call to review custom macronutrients and expectations for first 1-2 weeks.
- Customized macronutrient & calorie ranges (with adjustments over the 4 months as needed), as well as 'post-diet' diet break or reverse dieting planning & education for the longer term
- Biweekly 30 min check-in via Zoom
- Weekly email check-in forms & biweekly progress photos & measurements
- Weekly feedback on your MyFitnessPal or MyMacros+ tracking app.
- Guidance on fitness & activity management (you will have access to my monthly strength workout programs).
- Unlimited email / messenger support
- Your own online portal and App where your documents, check-ins, etc will be housed
- Macro-education booklets (Macronutrition 101, food lists, Recipes, eating out & travel guides).

If you are serious and ready to go through the macro nutrition process with a coach that will challenge, support, and value you, then the first step is to fill out the application form below to determine if we would be a good fit as client/coach!

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This is a 21-day program designed to focus on the facet of fitness that tends to be overlooked - Flexibility & Mobility!  This program ensures those little aches, pains, & muscle stiffness that you’ve been ignoring don’t turn into more serious injuries. You will increase your flexibility & mobility while building a strong core to keep you mobile, stress-free, strong, and capable!

Leg Stretch